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I am not in favor of signing him for a huge contract. This situation is more than money because negations have clearly taken a turn for the worst even before free agency has started.

That doesn't mean it's not about money. In fact, it's a pretty good indication it's precisely about money.

There were reports we were about to sign him, then they blew up. Why? The most likely answer is because he wanted more than we were willing to pay. Then reports started about who he was going to sign with, first Arizona, then New Orleans. That happens when one side wants to send a message to the other that they have better offers. We still don't know whether he'll sign elsewhere or come back here, but I'd bet dollars to donuts the issue is how many years and how much money we'll pay him. 99% of the time, that's what NFL contracts come down to. The team that can outbid the other wins. The other 1% of the time usually deals with things like hometown discounts or wanting a chance to get a ring before retirement.

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If this is the case and those numbers are accurate then they couldn't have wanted him back that bad.

No it means he thinks he is worth a bunch of money and he isn't

lol bye

Via McClure:

When word of Weatherspoon's imminent departure started to spread over the weekend via text messages, Shembo was one of a handful of Falcons taken off guard. Barring any last-minute complications, Weatherspoon is expected to join the Arizona Cardinals once the free-agent signing period begins at 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

Multiple sources indicated the Cardinals are prepared to give the 27-year-old Weatherspoon a two-year contract expected to be worth between $3 to $4 million per year. It is unclear whether the Falcons are willing to give Weatherspoon a two-year deal, given his injury history. The team was close to a deal with Weatherspoon on Friday morning but talks obviously fell apart.

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@RapSheet: This is a surprise: #Falcons LB Sean Weatherspoon will hit the open market and is unlikely to be back in Atlanta. Was a priority.

Yeah, I think he's gone. Even saw (on ajc.com) where he said he's "leaning toward the Cardinals" --- so, looks like he's already got one foot out the door. But if he does go, we better get a LB in FA, or the Draft, or BOTH!!!

Otherwise, we're gonna be very thin at that position, because all of our other LBs aren't much more than back-ups, with the possible exception of WARrilow ---

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We should match it, if he just wants to leave that fine but I don't want him to suddenly ball out in ARZ over such a little deal.

Oh I agree. That's a pretty reasonable deal for the potential upside you can get with him and even if it doesn't work the team isn't carrying a crippling number but like I said its probably not that easy at this point. For the deal to fall apart like that at the last minute somebody must have stung his pride.

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