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Rhonda Rousey - Greatest Ufc Fighter That Has Ever Lived.

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Sure, Rousey wouldn't last in a kickboxing match. But punching is Cyborgs game. The fact that she got embarrassed in a boxing match less than a year ago doesn't really support the theory that she is going to knock out the best MMA fighter in the world into next week.

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Rhonda wouldn't dare fight a kickboxing world champ in a kickboxing match.

Cyborg is a good enough striker to go the distance in that match.

And it also proves that Cyborg doesn't duck opponents. She fights the best. She's fought Carano, she's found the BJJ women's world champion, and she's fought the women's world kickboxing champion.

Now who is ducking who? Cyborg has been begging to fight Rousey. Dana and Rousey talk the talk to the press but won't offer a contract. Those of us know that know how good Cyborg is know exactly why. By all accounts Cyborg is the most dangerous opponent for Rousey. Rousey's willing to do a catch weight match vs Carano but not Cyborg? We all know why. She knows she'll likely lose.

When Cyborg fights at a weight in which the UFC actually has a women's division, then you can start saying that Rousey is ducking her. But that's probably going to require her to get off the juice.

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I suspect Dana is going to drag this out for about a year and then agree to a fight with the goal of making it one of the largest PPV events ever. That's probably the smartest business move at this point.

However, is Cyborg even in the UFC? If not, then shouldn't she come into the UFC and fight at last one or two contenders before getting a title shot? That's usually how this stuff works.

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I do want to see the fight, but I want to see it at 135 because Cris Cyborg is a roidhead and Rhonda should not have to fatten up to support Cyborg's habit. But mostly I just don't care. I love watching Rhonda Rousey, regardless of the competition. During my 30 minute lunch hour, I watched her entire career. Then I ate a sandwich. Then I had a soda. Then my lunch hour was over.

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It's really very simple. She likes and respects Gina and knows how important Gina Carano was to making women't MMA fighting popular. She doesn't respect Cris Cyborg so she isn't doing sh*t for her. Way too much is made of that Carano comment though, that fight was never going to happen.

Dana White tried for months to sign Gina. Obviously he didn't think way too much was made of it.
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