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Rhonda Rousey - Greatest Ufc Fighter That Has Ever Lived.

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.@RondaRousey is playing Patrick Swayze's character in a 'Road House' remake (EXCLUSIVE) http://bit.ly/1TrcXfc

To this day, I've still never seen Road House.

I've seen parts of this movie maybe 15 times in my life - I have never been able to sit through the end of the movie - it is just that bad.

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Yea the hype that surrounded her was completely unwarranted UFC should have known better than to push her so hard given her technical deficiencies which were more than obvious before.

don't know what you are talking about but she was the highest grossing fighter. She made ufc a lot of money. So the hype was all business and she and the ufc played the right cards
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Anderson Silva is the greatest. Anderson was only busted once and it was when he was coming off a career threatening injury. Not to make excuses but it is what it is. And during his prime years in the ufc his fights were always the most entertaining to me

Then going up and down in weight fukn ppl up. Dude was a monster
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