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Rhonda Rousey - Greatest Ufc Fighter That Has Ever Lived.

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Because there's no competition whatsoever in the UFC, and the whole world has been screaming Rousey vs. Cyborg for the past 3 years. It's the fight that everybody wants, EXCEPT Ronda Rousey and Dana White. It's the same reason an amateur boxer wouldn't challenge Floyd Mayweather after knocking out a scrub. Whether or not Cyborg can make 135 is irrelevant, because as I said, it would be a catchweight fight.

Yes, nearly every WMMA fighter spars with men, but I have never heard of a woman knocking out a male fighter in the process. Cyborg has done it with jabs. Rousey's sparring sessions usually consist of judo and submissions.

Yea not gonna happen. Cyborg put up this pic on her twitter showing her weighing 175. Way to much weight difference for this fight to happen. plus Dana/UFC have everything to lose and not a lot to gain from it.

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Cyborg weighed in at 145 just a few days ago for her last fight. She can obviously change weight fast.

They should fight at 145. Rousey's been way over 145 in the past, just check her Judo vids.

Why should Rousey be the one that has to move out of her weight class and fight someone that's naturally much bigger? What other fighter in the world is expected to do that?
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Ronda could meet her at 145, but there is absolutely no reason for her to do it. She is the draw. Cyborg has an ugly bull in a china shop style and everybody thinks of her as a cheater since she got busted for roids. Plus she got her azz kicked in a kickboxing match less than a year ago by some skinny girl, and that makes her look a bit less appealing. Also, there is no such thing as a 145 pound weight class in UFC so it couldn't even be a title fight. If they fought 10 times, I think Ronda submits Cyborg inside 3 minutes 8 times, but twice Cyborg might get a lucky KO.

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