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Steven Jackson, 31, Expected To Be Released (Per Rotoworld)


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I agree that he doesn't break tackles, but he can still drag people a couple yards based on size and strength. Not a bad short yardage option. We don't have any other back that can out muscle a defender for that extra couple feet in a contact situation.

any footage of that from this past season?
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Love the man, but I won't miss him in the least. He was a slow footed disappointment with injuries. wishing him well but glad he'll be gone soon.

Our old, boneheaded coaches trotted this guy out on the field knowing he was running in quicksand. Idiots!!! And yet Antone Smith was lighting it up & Devonta was showing lots of polish...

Thank God there is a new Sheriff in town... I really liked Shanahan's recent presser too. He sounds like he'll adjust on the fly in a heartbeat and doesn't strike me as a guy who'll bow down to the vets even when they're not getting it done! The D will be the same way!

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He's gone no question

Love him as a person and he's had a phenomenal career but lord was he terrible here. Wasn't his fault, we had two terrible oline's that needed a speedier back in order to get yards

Our unbelievably blind coaches continued to value 2-3 yard carries over our other backs who also struggled to pick up yards due to the line, but continued to show flashes of explosiveness sporadically that would have contributed to our offense exponentially more than the constant 2nd and 9's we set Matt up in

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Jackson presents a wonderful example of perception versus reality. Here are his PFF stats with the Rams:

-4.1 in 2007

-11.7 in 2008

-10.3 in 2009

-15.7 in 2010

-0.9 in 2011

6.7 in 2012

0.3 in 2013

9.5 in 2014

He ran more effectively last year than at any time prior by advanced metrics grading. He was also the #8 RB in the NFL this past season. The perception is that he is long since his prime, but the reality is that he's been better recently than during the years he was perennially overrated.

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