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Bringing Back Black Alt Jerseys?

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Bring these back. By far the best combo we have. Can't remember the last time we used them but I think it was in 05 or 06 on a Monday night game against the Jets.


I love those Jerseys. Vicks has some nice kicks too. Those are when the NFL had a jersey contract with REEBOK, they are contracted through NIKE now

I like the new logo as well. The old logo is cool for throwback purposes, but the new bird looks way meaner, and the hooked beak actually makes it look like a Falcon. Old Falcon logo looks like a raven, crow or a black bird.

Guess my concern with Black on Black is the heat, I remember playing football and the jerseys you'd almost die in outside. Probably not so bad during winter time but during fall, would be so god awfully hot in GA.

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Raiders fan. like i said, Roddy white was talking ****. The fact that another dan quinn got hired , brought me back

Sooooooo, I'll admit, tonight is a vacation night at work and I've been celebrating my daughter's signing her National Letter of Intent for women's soccer at the university of Wyoming....did I miss something after a few rum & Cokes, or did this post make NOOOO sense in reply to the OP???

Just throw me a "like" if you agree that you were confused!

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