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Strength And Conditioning

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I dont know if one has been installed. I wonder if it is important to hire the best that we can. I would like to think that all our players stay healthee. With our new coach and some good players we could go places.

Maybe somebody could tell me better how this could be occomplished. Dont want a repete of loosing all our players

Go Falcons

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There's already a thread on this from yesterday/last night. S&C falls under the medical staff and not the coaches, so it's not a hire that necessarily takes place when a new HC comes on board. Not to say a change couldn't happen but it's not the same as position coaches & coordinators.

you mean there is more than one page? blink.png


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This area has definitely been a problem. All the blown Achilles along with several other reoccurring injuries show a pattern of something I thinks stems from poor S&C.

Not sure if the injuries fall under strength and conditioning. Our training staff in college was seperate from the strength coach. This is more about trainer protocol with regards to assessing player mobility.

When there's mobility issues related to poor flexibility, things begin to snap. There should be a special focus on mobility this offseason:

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