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Falcons Using Fake Crowd Noise?


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Guest Negatorris

And when opposing fans flooded our stadium vs Bears and Steelers

Yeah, but what I meant is loud when the other team's offense was on the field.

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I doubt it will be a first, and I don't see how they could prove it unless one of our guys snitches.

And if this is true then they did a terrible job, because the dome was only loud once all year and that was in week 1...

Loudest was in week 1 and 3. Opposing teams fans with the bears, steelers, and panthers forced us into a silent count and took over our stadium. Doubt anything come from this
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Not to nitpick, but you might want to look into who the Game Ops department reports to.

Multiple departments report to Dimitroff. Sure we could go down this but eventually we blame Blank who Dimi reports to. And it very well could be Blank, I won't deny it

It was a sh*tty job whoever was responsible. We were constantly drained out by opposing fans and it wasn't loud at all when our fans were supposed to make noise. Now we might get docked picks for a failed attempt at cheating

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LMAO this is hilarious. We may lose a 7th. 6th at the most. It couldn't have been impactful. We sucked the last two years. The Dome was rarely loud.

vel, you know if Falcons are due any compensation picks this year?

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from another thread:


Anyone who's been to a home game in the last couple of years knows the PA system blasts until the huddle breaks for opponent. It's not amplified crowd noise. It's just noise and I think it falls under the rule changes in 2012

NFL willing to relax noise rules to create stadium atmosphere

Posted by Darin Gantt on July 4, 2012, 10:00 AM EST

Tucked away in last week’s report about blackout rules relaxing and the league trying to improve the in-stadium experience, there was a passing mention that could have a huge impact in some cities.

The league has apparently “liberalized” restraints on crowd noise, with stadiums able to incite their fans into more noise on third downs with P.A. announcements and video displays.

As Nick Eaton of SeattlePI.com points out, that could create an even rowdier atmosphere at Seahawks games.

In hopes that professional football can mimic the wild stadium atmosphere typical of college football games, the NFL says it has “liberalized” its restraints on crowd noise. Stadiums will now be free to rile up crowds with video displays, and public-address announcers will no longer be restrained from inciting racket when the opposing offense faces a crucial third down.

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