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2015 Senior Bowl Observations


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First off I think the Senior Bowl is overrated. You have a lot of kid running offenses they aren't used to running and it is not a true way to evaluate. With that being said the following players are NFL players

DE Preston Smith- Miss State- Nice explosion off the ball. Nice quickness. Nice balance. Good footwork.

WR Rannell Hall- UCF- Good hands. Good balance. Good awareness.

WR James Crowder- Duke- Very smooth running route, great footwork, a little small, but makes up for it in technique. Solid fundamentally. Should be able to step in an contribute right away.

TE Casey Pierce- Kent State- Good size, showed ability to block and catch. Has good quickness and footwork.

FB- Varga- Yale- Solid game. May be a little small for FB position. Could be a John Kuhn tyoe player if he added weight. Tweener type guy.

DT- Carl Davis- Iowa- Good strength quickness, and power to push the pile.

The following players are garbage and need to go back to school and get their degrees because football is not in their future:

TJ Clemmings- Pittsburg- Projected by some as a 1st round pick. This kid is garbage. He was constantly getting pushed back and showed absolutely no ability to move side to side. Footwoork is trash.

CB Gunter- Miami- Absolutely horrible technique. Basic cover skills. Can read the eyes but can't turn his head. Horrible in the hips. Will bust at NFL level.

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