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He failed for drinking not smoking, which is ridiculous because he should be allowed to drink if he wants to. Doing illegal drugs though? That he obviously should be in trouble for but drinking? Cmon man.

If he is already in trouble for smoking weed he is probably on some sort of probation. Meaning that alcohol is a no no too. That said someone has to be either an idiot or an addict to fail a tox test from alcohol. That pretty much means he drank the night before or day of the test. Stupid stupid stupid.

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Nah , carter even said "if you really want him to succeed in the nfl and as a person you need to release him" like he was released

yep. Shid that goes for anyone whether it's a relationship or a job. Cut the person loose showing them they aren't that important and their act turns around real quick. Now some just never get the hint
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