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Everyone Has The Wrong Take

north falcon

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Goodell is getting buried in the press, but he shouldn't be.

The idea that "Inflate-gate" is bad for the NFL is laughable. The idea that it's a nightmare for the league is a fallacy. Everyone in the media is saying this. They're all wrong. This is GREAT for the NFL.

You thought the ratings couldn't get any higher? This Superbowl will break that record again. This IS a soap opera. This is professional wrestling in the sense that - you now have one team who are the bad guys and one team who are the good guys. That is the classic story-line that everyone loves. This is MUCH bigger fodder and will capture the attention of fans much more than the standard SB week.

I'm not sure if Goodell is a secret genius or a scared imbecile, but by milking this and dragging it out, he is making the NFL a ton of money. People wanted Goodell to make a decision before next week. People criticize Goodell for being so indecisive and taking his time. What benefit does that have? None. The NFL is raking in $$$ because of all this.

Best of all, in the end everyone wins. This is the biggest story the SB has had since......ever? It is a magnet for the casual fan and for the people who don't even care that much. Even the hardcore fan who wants justice wins in the end because Goodell will punish the Pats harshly after the SB (again, more press when nothing else is going on which equals money) and everyone will forget about it by the draft.

Goodell taking swift action takes away the story and therefore takes away the money. Secret genius or bumbling imbecile? Either way, he's making tons of money by dragging this out.

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Not really I'm not even certain I'll watch.

Team has 11/12 balls deflated and a seasoned vet who is top 5 at his position which is A Qb of all things can't tell? riiight. Any average Joe who played football in highschool or middle school for that matter can tell an under inflated ball from a properly inflated one. At the very least Brady should not be allowed to play.

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I don't see this as a big deal. It's kind of interesting to see a different 'football culture' on this forum versus Denver's. Over there, they are all so adamately against it, even to the point where they think that if NE wins the SB the ring will be tainted.

It really just doesn't seem like a big enough advantage to be a big deal, and if NE likely would have won anyway then I don't see how the ring is 'tainted', because they would have still played well enough to win the AFCC game, and the SB(if they do indeed win it and wouldn't need to cheat to do so).

I would imagine most teams would be willing to cheat a little bit to win. Think about what teams do when there is a play where they think it may be challenged, they rush to the line to try and get a play off before the other team can challenge it, and seemingly are fine with getting the yards from the play even if they shouldn't have.

I also can't buy into the idea that it doesn't matter how big of an advantage it really is, and if it's cheating the win still shouldn't count regardless. That seems kind of ridiculous to me, I think people are blowing this way out of proportion, and I honestly do thing it may at times be due to jealousy of the Patriots.

They may have deflated some footballs, and people are seemingly acting like they hired people to break the legs of Colts players before the game. It seems ridiculously overblown to me, although I suppose it is a matter of opinion.

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