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Fanspeak Fantasy Gm For The Falcons

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LOL - We would maul the NFC South with Suh, Hardy, and JPP.

Unfortunately, they will demand much more money than the cap hits in the simulation.

At any rate, nice work!

Well the simulator allows you to offer a % guaranteed on the contract. I offered high % for those players and the others that were high in demand.

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Oh jeez ... If Vick was even in the minds of anyone of our guys in charge I would hope Blank would fire them on the spot.

"You are obviously not the guy we wanted. We were under the impression you had a brain, wanted to actually win games, and knew a thing about football. Please never step foot on our property again."

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I didn't expect it to perfectly realistic, but they're not even close on those numbers. Blalock is $7.2 million in dead money himself.

Just pointing it out. Have fun, I guess.

I'm pretty sure it's just the dead money number that is wrong. They get their cap numbers from overthecap and they're pretty accurate. I'm testing it now for accuracy.

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I couldn't get Suh to sign at all. At one point I offered him $15,000,000 per year for 10 years at 100% guaranteed & he still didn't sign. By day 10, he still never signed a contract with anybody. Guess he's retiring.


1st attempt

Why'd you restructure the whole team just to keep 21 mil in cap space? Lol

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