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Will Terry Robiskie Be Retained?


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I saw this on the AJC website, by D. Led ----

"Cleveland’s former receivers coach Mike McDaniel came from Washington with Shanahan and will likely join him in Atlanta, according to Cleveland.com.".

With Shanahan becoming our new OC, will Terry Robiskie be released? If there's any validity to this article, it sure does look like it. Hope it's not a set-back for Julio, Roddy, Douglas, etc. Personally, I would hate to see him go ---- those guys seem to really respect him, and play hard for him!

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<p>http://nfltraderumors.co/nfl-notes-compensatory-picks-bears-bills-falcons-ravens/ Falcons

  • Soon-to-be HC Dan Quinn is expected to hire his defensive coordinator from the Seahawks coaching staff. (Dianna Marie Russini)
I dont see Robiskie sticking around. Shanahan is bringing in his own guy to coach the wide recievers and his other job was assistant HC under Smitty. Quinn will probably want his own guy for that position too.

In order to change the culture, it may be best to change out some of the staff who has been there since forever.

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Guest Negatorris

Doesn't matter to me. He's been here for a while but other than Roddy or Julio who can mame plays using their natural abilities, when have our receivers been outstanding?

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