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So We Have The Last Couching Vacancy


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Typo's how do they work? Wish this board allowed you to edit subjects in a thread?

you can edit your title, when you click edit choose the full editor option, it will let you change it there.

in the mean time, there are no vacancies on my couch, got this baby covered pretty well

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And we have our pick of our preferred coaches? Sounds like everything worked out pretty well. Glad our front office isn't chicken littles like people on this board.The process seemed to work perfectly, glad we didn't jump on the BIG names in the first week.

"MAD597", don't let 'um get you down. Everyone makes some mistakes when typing. I blame the designers of the Falcons Life Forums for not allowing title lines to be edited after a thread is created.

(BTW: The lesson here is don't depend too much on your spell checker.)

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