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Dan Quinn's Press Conference Today

Flip Wilson

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We got us a guy who is used to coaching great players, a guy whose not used to mediocrity.

We got us a guy who will be in 2 Super Bowls.

We got us a guy who won't have this blinding loyalty to under performing vets.

We got us a guy who coaches toughness, be resilient and not give up.

We got a new set of eyes to scout prospects.

We got the engineer to the "Legion of Boom"

AB you go man, you got us the guy!

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I think our players are going to play their azzes off for this guy. Also, I think they're going to respond with energy and enthusiasm to the opportunity to play aggressively after 7 years of wet-blanket Smittyball.

I agree, the guys are gonna playtheir azzes off for qQuinn, but as bland as mike smith was, the team rarely laid down under Smitty. Most losses were close.....sure there were some beatdowns, but more often than not the team played hard....we just weren't very good, we just couldn't beat the guy across the line of scrimmage from us
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Only time will tell but the future looks bright. We cant expect a miracle but seeing improvement is a start.

I honestly expect a mike smith type of 1st season....this team is not in bad shape.... Just gotta get a few important pieces. This team was just unraveling at the seams when smittty got here. 3rd place schedule. 11 wins
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