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Another Lame Thread


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Since Quinn is he likely choice, why not do the promotional department's job for them? Here are some slogans and future AJC headlines:

1. The Mighty Quinn - obvious

2. Win with Quinn - already getting annoying

3. Falcons gamble on a Quinela- a stretch

4. Oh, Danny Boy! - bound to happen

5. DQ, soft serve - when the defense loses a game

6. Quintessential win. - we should see this one in two years.

OK, I'm done.

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Sometimes you gotta update your t-shirt collection. I recently completed a switch from mediums to larges. It had to be done.

They're all gifts and stuff though hahah. Not sure how my family would feel seeing them all in the trash. I'm too big compared to my family to pass them down or anything. *Sigh*

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I don't give a **** as long as we take "rise up" up out back and give it the old yeller treatment.

Man, I so wanted to give you about 35 likes for that but I'm out.

Expect several random likes in the upcoming weeks because I owe you.

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