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Wilson Throw 4 Picks...

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So the guy throws 4 picks to 1 TD and still gets the same praise as if he had an awesome game???

Winning COMPLETELY warps folks opinion of the events of the game. Some of those picks weren't Wilson's fault, but some were.

Plus he went 14 for 29 and only had 209 yards....

He deserves the least amount of credit. The TEAM deserves credit. Most especially a defense that, even when the offense had turned the ball over and gave position on their side of the field, HELD THE PACKERS TO 22 points.

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Actually we did..there were 4 games where the D played excellent this year and the Offense stunk. Shall I name them?

No **** sherlock. And no we do not have a defense that can allow Matt to throw four interceptions and still win in the playoffs.

Didn't the stat say this is only the second time in NFL history that's happened?

In the postseason, yes.

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