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When We Hire The Coordinators This Week....

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If the Coords are not signed to a team, then I do not see how it will be a problem with the NFL. Just ask Quinn who he plans on keeping, IF he got the job. Offer those that are not already signed the job and "force" quinn to work with those guys. The guys that are apart of an NFL team or playoff team, then wait til Quinn is hired and let him recruit them formally.

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I am thinking if the Coordinators are fee and clear, it shouldn't be a problem. Obviously, if Quinn is the guy, the DC may come from Seattle's staff so that isn't happening.

If the OC is Shannahan or Gase, as rumored, I don't think it should be a problem. They were both told that they could seek other opportunities. Hopefully we sign one this week and then we bring Quinn in.

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Don't worry guys, TD will be there

Did some projections on who I think will make the 2015 roster. Based on that projection, there will be an average of (2) players on the roster from each Draft & UFAs, going back to the years 2008-2012. From the years 2013-2015, counting the Draft & UFAs, there will be an average of (10) players on the roster from each of those years.

Maybe someone can tell me if this is normal for 60% of your team to come from the last three Drafts & UFA pick-ups. If so, the point I am getting ready to make is not valid. Otherwise it would appear that 60% of the Falcons roster next year will have come from Drafts & UFAs, after the hire of Pioli.

There is a major drop off going back from 2013 to 2012, with (12) players vs (2) players on next years roster, and of course Pioli came on board before the 2013 Draft. Seems like more than a coincidence looking at those two years especially, that Pioli has already been doing what he is officially supposed to be doing next year. Thank goodness they took this power away from Boy Wonder in 2013, before the team was completely devoid of talent and depth.

I know we also changed OC/DCs in 2013, but it seems like the Falcons have been rebuilding for the last three years after the arrival of Pioli, unless again someone can show that this the normal make-up of most NFL Teams.

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