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4 Int And People On This Board Think Matt


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Difference between us and the Seahawks, if Matt had Russell Wilson's game today we more than likely lose 35-10.

This is true. I dislike how some fans can't see this. I'm not saying this makes Wilson a terrible QB. I would never say that after just one bad game. I'm a huge RW fan but he had a pretty bad game even in the comeback.

If it wasn't for that defense holding Packers to 1 TD, when almost all of their starting points was in Seattle territory.

If it wasn't for the ST getting a TD and getting an onside kick.

If it wasn't for Lynch running for 125 yards and a touchdown.

And last but not least, if it wasn't God where the hands of Bostic were so terrible and absolutely prayer of a hail Mary 2pt conversion and bringing in an injured Aaron Rodgers.

After all of that now we get to what RW did.

In this game, if there was any other team playing this was game over. RW does what he needs to do, he is humble and hard worker and that's why I like him but he has it the easiest out of every QB in the league and with that team behind him it's easier to make plays. Kudos to him for making them most of the time.

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the NFCCG was a perfect example of why you must have a complete team to be a real championship contender. Wilson stunk for 3.5 quarters today. At one point, he was 8-22 for 75 yards and 4 INTs. That's record-breaking bad for a conference championship game. BUT, his team was still in the game because the Defense had held Green Bay to FGs early and kept them under 20 points overall. Despite his worst day ever as a QB on the biggest stage of the season thus far, Wilson still had a chance. That's where Wilson's good qualities helped him. Unlike some QBs, say Cutler, Wilson didn't sulk and give up. When circumstances that were completely beyond his control (e.g., the onside kick) gave him a chance to make up for what had been a horrendous day, he seized on it. His play in the OT was superb, making two big time throws on the money. Wilson's finish was as good as his start was bad. Ultimately, a QB, like a closer in baseball, has to have that kind of short term memory and be able to forget their last mistake. Kudos to Wilson for doing that.

If not for a D that kept things from getting out of hand AND an opponent that crapped its pants in the last 6 minutes (Burnett sliding down with the INT and GB failing to score again, losing the onside kick and allowing Seattle to score, the missed opportunity to knock down the 2pt pass that was a terrible decision by Wilson), then Wilson never gets the chance to make up for his bad performance by "being clutch."

Anyone who ignores all that isn't actually interested in discussing football, they just have a preset agenda and cherrypick facts to support the conclusion they've already drawn.

The MVP for Seattle today was their D. They were put in terrible positions in the first quarter and hung tough. Ironically for a game that went to overtime, the first quarter was crucial.

Green Bay blew the game, no ifs ands or buts. Multiple times, in multiple ways.

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