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The Process Is Crazy Isn't It?

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I've been a Falcons fan since the team started. Something that really get's me is how this so called PROCESS in getting a new head coach or players or whatever. Or how it goes.

Ya know, when you think about it, those coaches are available because they lost.

Where's the logic in that? Hire a team's DC or OC as head coach and they lost. It just doesn't make much sense to me. Why would you hire a failure? I know others will say things like : "Well it's not their fault". But how can you say that without actually being there and on the inside of that team.

All the coaching candidates for the Falcons are great coaches. As a fan it is really tuff to understand how a team finds someone to do the job or handle the task.

I guess you need to visualize things sometimes and hope for the best.

Whoever the Falcons next head coach is, it really is confusing to think about. Because for one thing they are bringing their play book, and I wonder if that means they are planning to keep on working that way or create a new play book. Either way it will be based off their play book and ideology. So who knows........

Either way........ Isn't this process of hiring coaches kinda crazy and makes no sense sometimes?

Just thought I would ask your thoughts on how this process for the Falcons has gone so far?

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The process seems to have gone just fine - although none of us has enough information to be able to make an informed judgment.

As for not hitting a "failure", there hasn't be a coach in NFl history who hasn't lost games. Even the greatest coaches of all time, lost a ton of huge games. That dosn't make them a failure - it's the nature of the game. When 2 great teams/coaches meet SOMEONE has to lose. If you're looking for a coach who has never lost a big game - good luck with that.

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