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Jerry Arrested In Mississippi

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Yes, but that title will always belong to JA98.

Oh gawd I forgot about Ludacris jr. Two different GMs, two horrendously awful 1st round pass rushers. Pioli better not mess up the upcoming pick though with our luck the player we get will beat his girlfriend or something and never see a down.

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I recently read that he was Facebook or some social media freinds with a really bad gang of drug dealers in MIssissippi. This does not surprise me that we was arrested. I imagine after that injury he went off the track.

On another note, Jerry was an excellent player in college and showed the flashes of beast potential prior to the devastating knee injury. There was nothing the matter with the pick at that time based on the beast potential he was flashing . Any player can get permanently injured at any time, so it's ignorant to beat up TD based on a player having a single injury that ultimately robbed him of his explode step and ruined a promising career.

My issue with jerry pick is he was older than most picks. Like 25yrs old that didn't make sense if you're building lines for the future. Then again who knows

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