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Falcons Denied Initial Request For St Coach Keith Armstrong To Reunite With College Teammate Todd Bowles With Jets.

Tony Diesel

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wrong they can deny an interview for a coordinator position


The rule is pretty simple. A team can’t block an assistant coach, including a coordinator, from interviewing for and accepting a job as a head coach. All other moves, including from assistant coach to coordinator, can be blocked.


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So you're not going to give Armstrong a chance at anything other than being a ST coach, but don't allow him to go elsewhere where an opportunity may present itself???? Clueless *** front office

Not necessarily, it's possible Armstrong gets a shot as DC.

The FO interest is winning, why would you want to let great coaches like Armstrong and Tice go to other teams?

Ol' Artie will make sure they are well taken care of.

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The fact they let Koetter walk should be telling. Maybe they've already worked out a deal with Shannahan to come with Quinn... Or maybe it really was JMD all along.

Either way I think they must already have the OC figured out if they let him walk. 'Cause he would have been better than some of the names floating around (ie. Chan Gailey or Austin's first time OC).

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