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2015 Fanspeak Mock Draft 1.0


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Hello guys I'm back for my 1st mock draft before the NFC Championship game. I kinow that most of this might not happen bet since Fanspeak doesn't do trades unless you pay, I am limited to what they give me.

Cuts:Konz, Gunn, Carimi, McClain, Davis, SJAX, Quizz, Pascoe, Yates, Kroy, Mass, Cliff Matthews

Falcons Needs:

PASS RUSH!!(Nuff said.)

TE(Matty Ice would of had 5000 yards with a great TE.)

LG(Blalock is getting old[11 year pro].)

CB(McClain is good but getting another CB is better and faster.)

WR(Devin and Roddy ain't going to be in the league for very long so a smart man plans for the future.)

SS(Zeke Motta hasn't worked out in Atlanta and Willy Mo needs extra help behind him.)

Explanation of no FS in the needs: Lowery is a very good FS when healthy. Southward is looking good after year one and Baker is most likely cut.

Fanspeak Mock Draft 1.0
by Eric S. Powers

Free Agency Moves:
Justin Houston, McPhee, JPP, Brandom Graham or worst case scenario(I hope not!) to re-sign Kroy Biermann. A free agency TE or RT(Hoping for the return of Clabo) could help too.

Assessment: The best OLB not named Shane Ray. A good prize for a team that desperate needs pass rush. Beasley has the ability to do something for this team with a helpful vet on the other side with.

42: R2P10
Assessment: He is the guy on the other side of Shane Ray. He can be a UT in a 4-3 or a 3-4 DE if Atlanta stays into a 3-4.

73: R3P9
Assessment: He is one of the three great TE's in this draft class. A little known fact is that he is the grandson of Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time.

104: R4P8
Assessment: Todd Gurley II... A great runningback from a school of great running backs which featured Herschel Walker, Garrison Hearst, Knowshon Moreno and Terrell Davis(greatest draft steals in history!) Every time I see his running style, It seems that he has a churning and burning type runner like the fan favorite in Atlanta in Michael Turner which in my opinion makes sense to all fans!

138: R5P10
Assessment: This pick is a pipe dream..lol! He is a second round grade DE down here. Steal based on the Fanspeak mock draft.

169: R6P9
Assessment: Robert McClain isn't bad but someone needs to be the future along with Alford and Tru. Kevin isn't a bad pick.

200: R7P8
Assessment: The future might be now since Atlanta got Christion Jones. Devin can't return kicks forever so why not an experienced KR from the school of Saban?

223: R7P31

Assessment: Justin Blalock can't play LG for that long so why not invest in the future now? LG is needed to keep Matty Ice from turning to Crushed Ice.

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Lol at Gurley in the 4th tears-of-joy-smiley-emoticon.gif

FansSpeaks rankings are really off compared to what I've seen on other sites. I'm waiting until they get some of the other databases like they had last year, before I start using it as a resource of any kind. Hopefully after January 19

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So we're signing a top tier pass rusher in FA and then proceeding to spend 3 of our top 5 picks on pass rushers.

Overkill much?

EDIT: Blalock is an 11 year pro? LOLWAT. We drafted him in 2007...that makes him an 8 year pro.

That said though, you did nothing to replace Blalock and you did nothing to address the gaping hole we have at ILB.

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