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Finally A Pattern To Follow With What's Going On.


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It was said that Rex was waiting on a call back from the Falcons that never happened before he signed with Buffalo.

It was said that the Falcons were told to jump in on Bowles if they wanted him.

The Falcons did neither in those two situations which can finally prove that they know who they want and are waiting for them. I'm sure the Falcons would have loved to have a 2nd interview with Bowles and Austin but they didn't panick with Bowles going to New York.

And another hint that shows the Falcons are doing what the believe is right is we had Austin's 2nd interview lined up after Bowles.

I may not want Quinn or Austin as much as I wanted Rex or Bowles but it seems like the Falcons are going to get their guy and I'm fine with that. Can't ask for more really, hopes it turns out to be the correct decision.

Also one other factor to note. Banner spoke highly of Quinn when he was with the Browns, he's helping with the search now and Quinn is still out there.

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