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Mcdaniels/graham Or Quinn/shanahan


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Since it is likely going to be McDaniels or Quinn, which combination do you prefer?

I can see success with either and in fact I am leaning towards McDaniels and Graham. I only say Patrick Graham because he is currently the Pats LB coach. I have no info to suggest that but its not far fetched either. The Belichick tree seems to stick together. Hence us bringing in Pioli and the strong interest now in McDaniels.

It seems most of you guys dont want McDaniels. Would it be that bad of a hire? Im not so sure. He made mistakes in Denver for sure. He was young and arrogant. But at least he was aggressive and fiery! He returned to the Pats and has hopefully matured and possibly ready now.

I love his offense for sure. His ability to adjust constantly...per the team/situation. The Ravens had complete control of that game, until McDaniels changed it up. he went to that short passing game, lots of comebacks, slants, and crossing routes....then Brady hit them over the top after sucking them in. Not to mention the WR pass and infamous "play of deception". It just goes to show the innovation McDaniels has. Some of it is probably Belichick(in terms of exploiting the rule book) and I get that. However, it is still McDaniels offense, scheme, play calling, and adjustments that stands out. Look at how he moves Gronk around to constantly create match ups. How often did Julio move in that manner? Not much. McDaniels offense is perfect for us. McDaniels maybe perfect for us as well...young, bright, great scheme, aggressive, fiery, and knows how to call/manage/adjust in a game. If he has settled down and matured under Belichick....him plus a good DC could be just what the doctor ordered. IJS.

I paired Quinn/Shanahan cause they are the most attractive possible duo out there imo. And it its basically just the reverse of the McDaniels/Graham scenario.

I honestly would be happy with either. I did want Ryan and Bowles but like you guys, I had to move on. I tried to analyze it and its obvious. The FO was not as high on either of them as the fans were, or else they would have been more aggressive. Its been out for a while now that TD and Pioli want JM. That maybe our reality...

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Everything I've read about McDaniels has been negative. I haven't payed enough attention to him personally to form my own opinion, I can only go off of what other's are saying about him. That being said, I think you've made some great points and I'm not completely against McDaniels/Schwartz combo.

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