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I Guess Blank Didn't Like Bowles Oc Choices

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I doubt we ever even got to that, since we never made to the 2nd interview.

Also, it isn't like we didn't want him. We just hadn't reached the point to offer him a job.

I am sure Bowles called Atlanta. If the rumors were true, then we were his first choice. I am sure he is going to let his first choice know that he got an offer. Also it was in the news that he was going to pick Kitchens or Gailey. That could have been confirmed in a phone call. I think Bowles called up Blank/TD/whoever stating that the Jets got an offer and wanted to know if the Falcons were going to offer or atleast consider it after the interview.. Falcons told him that we were going to interview all of our finalist had been interviewed, so he went with the sure thing in the jets.

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