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We Need A Head Coach That Comes In And Bring A Winning Platform


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Not so sure why everyone is so hung up on having a coordinator be a coach. If you found the right HEAD coach he would bring in a stout defensive coordinator. We need a coach who can build a winning organization/platform. So as you are looking over these candidates read about what their players say about them, what other coaches say about them, etc... This is why it is important you don't have a job hopper. How is that person supposed to come in and build a winning organization when they haven't stayed at one very long? Everyone just thinks getting an employee from a winning organization is going to instantly make you a winning team, did that work with Thomas Dimitrof? How about with Charlie Weiss at Notre Dame? You see this over and over and over again. Underqualified people getting jobs all because of where they used to work. Falcons need to SLOW down. Smitty was fired what? Two weeks ago? Come on guys. The first thing in building a winning franchise is for fans to expect better and not act so desperate. Falcons need to get creative and start interviewing people OUTSIDE of these assistants. None of these guys are the answer. We need someone who can wear different hats and show Blank how to win. Blank has the money folks. Why settle for these guys?

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