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This Is Shaping Up To Be A Terrible, Terrible Episode Of "a Football Life" 10 Years From Now.


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This off-season has not gotten off to a good start at all. So far it's been nothing but rumors, speculation, and so-so decision making. After witnessing what has been confirmed in the media the last few days I feel I'm ready to state my 'two cents'...

We (Or Blank, whichever you prefer...) have just completed a pulchritudinous collage, composed of mistake after mistake after mistake... We made a mistake by assuming this whole mess was entirely Mike Smith's fault. We made a mistake by keeping Piolitroff. We made a mistake by letting Rex go without a press conference announcing him as the Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons and Blank ultimately made a mistake building this new stadium; the source of the pressure which lead to these rash decisions.

I'll start with Mike Smith. Yes, we all wanted him gone. We experienced a lot of success with him but most of it was due to Matt Ryan and Burner Turner. He was a defensive-minded coach but we never really had a dominant defense. Now, IMO you gotta have at least one of two things to have a successful defense...

1. Personnel (Seattle, New York Giants philosophy)

2. Scheme (Rex Ryan, Jim Johnson of the Eagles R.I.P., **** LeBeau)

Mike Smith isn't a schemer, he's a "coach em' up" guy similar to Tom Coughlin, but for some reason he couldn't develop talent. Whenever we had a personnel problem, the FO always went for the quick fix thru FA. Since the drafting of Matt Ryan, this strategy hardly worked at all. Asante Samuel was good, and Jon Asamoah has been ok for the time being but Steven Jackson, Osi Umenyiora and Ray Edwards have all been terrible signings. You know what? You guys already know this so let me get to the point of this post....

Thomas Dimitroff was key in the hiring of Mike Smith and that didn't work out. Mike Smith always held himself accountable for everything, even mistakes that weren't of his doing. Mike Smith is a classy guy; he isn't the one to point fingers. I feel Dimitroff took advantage of this by shoveling a pile a sh*t to his side of the fence. Saying that he wanted to draft a pass rusher while Smith wanted to build from the inside out. Dimitroff likes quiet coaches for a reason; Dimitroff has an insatiable ego and he needs as much control as possible. When things go wrong? He knows he can easily point the finger at someone like a Mike Smith or Todd Bowles, coaches with little experience that take responsibility for everything to avoid vocal confrontations.

Remember when Dimitroff said him and Smith disagreed when it came to building a pass rush? Saying he wanted a outside rusher when Smith wanted to build from the inside. Well, when building a pass rush, you DO have to build from the inside out. You can't have a successful pass rush with no push up the middle. You'll end up leaving the QB with a pocket to step into. Brees and numerous other QB's have exploited this weakness for years. Do you think the NYG's would've won two Super Bowls without someone like Justin Tuck? Seattle without Brandon Mebane? Does Dimitroff think he's fooling anyone?

Don't even get me started on the good ole' "Homeboy network"! Pioli ruined KC with this strategy. Most of his signings came from the Patriots during that tenure. Matt Cassell, Mike Vrabel, Matt Guitierrez, Corey Mays... In Atlanta? Jon Asamoah, Tyson Jackson (Seriously?), paying serviceable starters like they're stars. Thomas Dimitroff brings him in after a terrible tenure in KC... Why? KC fans are in unison with their hate for Pioli and I think fans here will be soon.

Now lets get to the hot topic; coaching.Two of my pet peeves with Mike Smith was his laid-back demeanor and decision-making. This is one of the reasons I was a major supporter of Ryan. Players loved him; they knew he had their backs and which buttons to push to light a fire under their a**. Todd Bowles seems like a good guy, but I've watched interviews with him; this dude doesn't even open his mouth when he talks.

Don't get me wrong, I think Bowles is a brilliant coordinator, but is he vocal and adamant enough to be a head coach? I mean, we just fired a coach who was pretty docile for a coach who is da*m-near sheepish. His choices for OC also got under my skin a lil' bit... Chan Gailey? I'm beginning to think would've been better off with Mike Shanahan, seriously.

Most the Rex naysayers talk about his record, but at least he went to two AFC championships and has more playoff wins than losses. Todd Bowles, Dan Quinn, Adam Gase all combine for a sparkling 2-1 record... None of them had HC experience. We already tried that with Mike Smith and his lack of experience hurt him in the end (3rd and 4th down, clock management), now the FO wants to try that again? Magnificent. Todd is Lovie Smith part two, and lord knows I couldn't stand Lovie Smith. If Blank is trying to sell PSL's for his new Football-tropolis he has definitely hurt his cause. What could those guys do that Rex hasn't done or shown that he is capable of doing? Does Blank think Bowles is a A-list ticket seller?

Right now, I'm putting myself at the back of the Falcons bandwagon. I can't deal with all the ineptitude when it comes to Blank and the FO. Something in my gut tells me this won't end well. I love my Falcons but not to the point where I will ignore idiotic decision-making. I will keep one eye on them and hope for the best. LET'S GO HAWKS!!!!

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1. You are making sense, therefore the mods will move this. That and you mentioned Rex Ryan more than zero times.

2. NOBODY is smarter than the TATF veteran poster. He will be in here to tell you just how asinine this post is and call you names.

3. You are too aggressive. You need to be more of a passive gentleman.

4. Go HAWKS!!!!

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