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From A Top Seahawk Fan....quinn Is Fool's Gold....


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Did some looking into this Quinn dude that everybody wants, and found out exactly what i thought. Had a conversation with a guy who is a long time, diehard Seattle Seahawk fan. I posed the question to him about whether atlanta should hire Quinn, who they appear to be waiting on, over Bowles. He went in depth on what i already was thinking about Quinn.

Gus Bradley, with the TALENT that Pete Carroll assembled, built that Seattle defense. Its a once in a life time composition of 3 great SPEEDY linebackers, combined with great corners, great safeties and a great defensive line. He said Seattle basically plays a 4-4 scheme, with Kam Chancellor essentially being the 4th linebacker, with Earl Thomas having the ability to play single high safety. He said they run that basic formation EVERY play, and Quinn doesnt use ANY exotic schemes or pressures, that Seattle lines up and runs the same defense every play EXCEPT for nickel situations. In other words, Sherman and the other corner play that tight press coverage, with a single high safety, and the defensive line and linebackers just get after it, nothing fancy, nothing exotic, because PETE CARROLL assembled a monster assemblage of talent across the board.

He said that this year, when Seattle had Wagner and Maxwell, along with Chancellor, go down with injuries, Seattle's defense dropped off FIVE levels. Not me saying it, he did. He said that Quinn and Bradley ( the former defensive coordinator who is now the jaquar head coach) havent proved that they can coach, but only that they can lineup the talent that Pete Carroll assembled and make them execute the play they run over and over.

Bowles, as we all know, is a complete different coordinator. He schemes, pressures, and gets the most out of NOTHING. He proved it up in Philly when he got that scrub bunch going in the right direction. He proved it in Arizona with all the injuries. We all know Arizona's lack of a offense put too much pressure on Arizona's defense. Even great defense's wear out if they on the field 3/4ths of the game......

HIRE BOWLES blank and dont go with the fool's gold........

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But the Seahawks have played against the Cards. This allows a front row seat for Sherman to study that defense.

Well the night he made that comment the Arizona defense gave up 596 yards of offense so I can't imagine what he saw that impressed him.

Well he has played against him more than once. As a part of this they need to game plan against the Cards. Now knowing Sherman's personality of being a straight shooter, I haven't seen him give too many compliments to opposing teams in his division (although I could be wrong). Sherman doesn't seem like the type to blow smoke up someone's rear end, but then again I could be wrong. I accept it at face value.

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Either of them could be fool's gold. The Falcons better get ir right, that's all I know. Most important hire ever with the new stadium being built.

agreed. I will hope for the best whomever we hire but don't see anyone I like right now near as good as Rex Ryan.

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