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Finally Figured Out Who Tj Yeldon Reminds Me Of...

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When I first saw Yeldon break on the scene at Bama I thought he looked like a poor man's A.P. With his upright running style...but the more I've watched him the more I see Demarco Murray. They have very similar bodies (at this age) and very similar running styles IMO. I was high on Murray coming out and I think Yeldon will succeed at the next level too. I still think D is priority this offseason but if we address that in FA and first round I'd be ok pickingYeldon if he fell into our lap, ideally in rd 3.

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I don't see the resemblance at all besides the height and weight. Murray's running style is not that common. Melvin Gordon and Tevin Coleman are MUCH better comparisons to Murray than Yeldon is.

Agreed about uncommon and Yeldon's running style isn't that common either. I think Murray may be a bit faster, but both have similar narrow-er frames, choppy but quick feet, somewhat duck footed (for lack of a better term), physical but will make a guy miss in space. Watch some Murray clips from his OU days alongside Yeldon clips...I see a lot of similarity.

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