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Espn Sources: Rex To Buffalo... That's All Folks!


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TD has been marginalized. Anyone that thinks TD is the reason, they are huffing glue.

The HC doesn't even report to TD going by the new FO structure. He reports directly to Blank. Considering we restructured it immediately after the Ryan interview, Rex should've felt good about the gig.

Rex is an idiot. He went with his feelings instead of his brain. He went to Buffalo because they made him feel "wanted." The organization is so dysfunctional, their coach walked away after the first winning season in over a decade, and their starting QB retired.

So now Rex is exactly in the same position he was in with the Jets, except now he has no first round pick, no new stadium, stuck in the same division he could never take away from Bill Belichick.

This was an idiotic move by Rex. In my opinion, he is too impulsive and insecure to be a great HC.

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