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Look At The Bright Side.... $5,000 Psls Instead Of $45,000

Sun Tzu 7

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$5,000 PSLs will be available soon for upper level.

Another nice big F U to the loyal longtime fans.

Although I will say the Falcons front office is showing a great example of how NOT to sell PSLs.

1. Have 2 losing seasons in which you win a total of 6 home games because everyone loves spending incredible amounts of money to see their team lose.

2. Get demolished in the last game where everything was on the line

3. Make a couple of questionable front office moves after you fire the coach. Now because of item #2 everyone is questioning the talent level of this team make sure you keep the guys that brought them there.

4. Have the guy many in the football world would be the best fit go to another team with no 1st round pick and a QB that was benched for Kyle Orton... where the last HC decided to just walk away even though he was in no danger of losing his job.

There's nothing like inspiring confidence with your consumers because this is NOTHING LIKE IT.

If this were a publicly traded company and the leadership started doing move like this the stock would be tanking..... but NFL teams do not operate in a reality like other companies. There's no way you could put out a crappy product then announce your customers have to pay a fee before they can even pay higher prices and still expect to be in business.

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You can buy Cincy PSLs online for a few hundred dollars.even in the lower level. When you compare the Falcons and Cincy, it's a pretty close comparison. Neither has a Super Bowl win. We have one playoff win vs. zero for Cincy under the current regime.

It's a much closer comparison than San Fran, who has won multiple Super Bowls and has been to one recently. Not only that, San Francisco is a much more expensive city. Everything is higher than Atlanta...wages, home values, restaurants...all of it.

Yet our PSLs are priced much closer to San Fran than Cincy. It ain't gonna work.

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Yeah was Rex supposed to make want to drop an extra 5k+?

Honestly I don't think there's any candidate that will convince anyone to buy a PSL... mainly because of the other items I've listed.

PSLs we're going to be a hard sale to begin with even for people that would have loved the Rex hire.

The best way to sell PSLs is to win.

Unfortunately thanks to the new stadium in 2017 you've got about a one year deadline to start winning.

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I understand why PSLs are desirable to sports franchises and from a business point of view. But they are nothing more than a tax on people who have entirely too much money. The little man has been squeezed dry, now they are after bigger fish to drain. Honestly, if you have intentions of purchasing a PSL/PSLs then you might wish to reassess your life. Within a mile radius of that edifice to greed, there will be children going to bed hungry tonight. Professional sports has lost its mind.

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