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Bills Moving In On Rex Ryan, Falcons "dragging Their Feet"

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It works both ways, I've seen a lot of posters asking why we have hired him yet...Rex can always say no to us. Maybe Blank gave him an offer and Rex didn't take it. I know nothing can confirm nor sent this but it could be a possibility.

Also, he may have turned it down to see other options...just throwing it out there

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Due diligence. Didn't we just interview Bowles today? Our owner is dealing with the death of his mother this week so I would think people would respect the "foot dragging" for that reason if nothing else.

I like Rex, he's become my top choice but if he is so pressed to be hired immediately then let him go. The reports were he preferred SF anyway.

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Why are people in such a fuggin' hurry? We do not need a HC at least until the combine. Relax guys, we cannot hire Quinn until after the SB anyways!

My only fear with Quinn is that some other team like the Jets decide to wait for him as well, then he picks them over us. I do not believe that will happen, since we are probably a better fit for him and a better team, but the Jets did have a top ten defense and have a ton of cap, but you cannot really put a price on having a QB already.

I also worry about lack of coaches, if we wait that long. Seattle will likely just give Kris Richard the job of DC and they will move on pretty quickly, but we will need to find a DC, and other position coaches for the job. I think we keep armstrong as our ST Coord. Hopefully Kyle is not taken before then.

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Y'all need to quit being stupid.

In the next few days AB will announce that he's giving Marion Campbell a 3rd shot at it because he realIzed "the best man for the job was just right down the hall (in the retirement home)".

Older Falcons fans will understand the reference to another one of Rankin Smith Sr.'s blunders.

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I have a feeling that AB is going to screw this up and hire one of the OCs which will make us marginally better on offense, while adding nothing to the defense.... If this is the case, I will definitely find another way/mindset to pull for another team until AB is no longer the owner or the team moves to LA

Why can't Gase or McDaniels hire a great DC to fix the defense? Why is that only a defensive minded head coach and right the right OC to keep the offense from going to heIl. The offense that myself and many others things needs some work done to it too? I just don't understand this mindset from this group of posters.

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