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Bills Moving In On Rex Ryan, Falcons "dragging Their Feet"

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Everyone needs to chill Rex ain't going to Buffalo. He definitely doesn't want another project at QB plus that defense has played great under Jim Schwartz the Bills need a head coach from the offensive side of the ball. The Bills have E.J. Manuel a potential bust at QB and no 1st round pick this year there offense is a dumpster fire. Rex wants to go to a team with a established offense with a franchise QB and a team that needs their defense fixed, what team does that sound like. The majority of us on here as well as most of the folks in the NFL know Rex is the best choice for us. But everybody also needs to understand Rex KNOWS were the best option for him is at and it certainly ain't Buffalo. There is only ONE coaching candidate available with the star power to sell them PSL's and like I have stated on here many times NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING even winning is more important to Blank than selling them PSL's. Everyone needs to RELAX you can't spell R-E-l-a-X without REX. Rex Ryan will be the next Head Coach of the Falcons bet the farm on it.

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Lets see, Rex got fired because of his QB and Trestman got fired because of his. Why would they want to go to Buffalo and play with EJ Manuel?

Thank you.

And, Harbaugh was run out of SF by an insecure GM. Why the heck would Rex want to work in that environment? Harbaugh is a loud mouth but he is a very good coach. Apparently, the Niners want a quieter head coach that is a get-along-guy. Does that sound like Rex Ryan?

Rex will wait for Arthur Blank.

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Who the heck is DEC Management?

He is a agent ...thats paul soliai agent ...If thats his account... but with all the nfl ppl that follows him .. I think he is...

This is a article about him and how paul soliai signed here by McClure


Looks like he deleted that tweet.

its still there

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