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One Trade I'd Like To See This Off Season

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Eagles RB Chris Polk is a restricted free agent this off season.

This guy is 5'11'' 225 with 4.5 speed. He's a build similar to prime Turner.

He hasn't had much of an opportunity behind Mccoy and Sproles, but he does have 7 TDs in 60ish career carries, so he has a nose for the endzone.

I'd shoot a 4th and possibly a 7th for this guy. He's the power back we could really use.

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Guest facelessman07

Barring what we do with Quizz and Antone I'd be down

He's been impressive in limited opportunities

But let's stop playin' around at the RB position. Let's use that 4th rounder to help trade back up for Gurley

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Polk? He was an UDFA

Wtf I'm high. Disregard statement.

Despite being considered a top running back prospect for the 2012 NFL Draft, he went undrafted due to concerns over a potentially degenerative shoulder condition.[1]

Think I read 'draft grade' instead of round lol

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Guest facelessman07

You would trade the most interesting lb in the world? Or his thread...for such mediocrity? shame on you.

For a TE that had 8 TD's and close to 800 yards? Yes, I would

I'll take talent over "interesting" any day

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