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Peter King Thinks Rex To Atl As Well....yes Another Rex Topic, Tuggle

The Don™

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ON THE COACHING SEARCH: “If there is announcement next week, I would think that Rex Ryan would have a really good chance. Atlanta is like other places. Atlanta I think really liked Dan Quinn, the Seattle defensive coordinator. There is concern with at least one other team (presumably the New York Jets) that is interested in Dan Quinn now, who has interviewed him. They don’t really want to wait, potentially wait until February 2nd. I think this weekend and really next weekend are going to be important weekends because then you’d have to wait two (more) weeks if Quinn is in the Super Bowl, you’d have to wait for him. That means you’d have to wait like three-and-half weeks.”

He also added in the interview that Blank is angry for these two straight bad years. He wants to get it right...


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Guest facelessman07

Who wants to go to New York?

We should have our pick between the two, and I hope we make the right decision

I'm not a fan of waiting too long either, we need to go ahead and get our pick of the lot of coordinators and position coaches before it starts to dry up

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Haha... The Don can post whatever he wants. Always one of my gave here. The idea is people not making a new topic for every single thought that pops in their head and using a preexisting thread.

You're good. lol

You don't cross the Don. Even the mods know this.

"You talkin' to me?"

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