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The Guy We Should Have Hired Has Already Been Hired

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I had just been reading a story on him today in ESPN the Magazine and it actually crossed my mind this guy would be a great GM for us. All three teams he worked for went to the SB while he was there or shortly thereafter. I remember SF and Seattle, can't remember the other team (I think i have that fact right). Apparently he had a serious drinking problem though and was one reason he was out of football.

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"In his year away from football, McCloughan maintained a private scouting service, so he should be able to immediately contribute to Washington's draft class in 2015."

In the ESPN article it said several teams paid him $75k a year for scouting information.

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I don't know why you guys are talking about anything but the PSL prices. This move, and raising ticket prices by double, will result in the killing of the franchise. My family has had season tickets for every year since the 2nd year and we can afford the PSL's and new ticket, but out of principle would never purchase one. The urban fan base, who makes up more than half of the fans at games, will never be able to afford that. The only people that will be at our games will be wealthy business douches. Our future generations won't grow up going to games and we will become a fan base that lacks passion, buy-in, and love for this team.

Who cares who the new coach is when our owner cares about one thing and one thing only, money. He isn't a football guy, he is a business owner. What does it matter who blocks for who when no one who really gives a **** about the team will be there in the stands?

Arthur Blank is an unappreciative, unrealistic, and POS of an owner for doing this to the fan base, ESPECIALLY after the two crap seasons they've given us leading up to this. Be on the lookout for a billboard telling Arthur to take his PSL's and shove them up his ***.


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