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What If We Could Draft Tj Yeldon With A Late 3Rd Round Trade Up?

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This ESPN article rates Yeldon as the 6th best RB in the upcoming draft:


Guess where the 6th best guy went last yr?

NAME POS SCHOOL ROUND PK(OVR) TEAM Bishop Sankey RB Washington 2 22(54) Tennessee Jeremy Hill RB LSU 2 23(55) Cincinnati Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State 2 25(57) San Francisco Charles Sims RB West Virginia 3 5(69) Tampa Bay Tre Mason RB Auburn 3 11(75) St. Louis Terrance West RB Towson 3 30(94) Cleveland

This is consistent with ESPN's predraft rankings:

Running Backs NAME POS HT WT SCHOOL GRADEin.gif POS RANKin.gif OVR RANKin.gifCarlos Hyde RB 5'11⅞" 230 Ohio State 88 1 33 Bishop Sankey RB 5'9½" 209 Washington 85 2 45 Jeremy Hill RB 6'0⅝" 233 LSU 79 3 57 Tre Mason RB 5'8½" 207 Auburn 78 4 61 Devonta Freeman RB 5'8¼" 206 Florida State 71 5 77 Charles Sims RB 6'0" 214 West Virginia 70 6 86 Andre Williams RB 5'11⅜" 230 Boston College 69 7 93 Terrance West RB 5'9¼" 225 Towson 68 8 96 Dri Archer RB 5'7¾" 173 Kent State 68 9 98 De'Anthony Thomas RB 5'8⅝" 174 Oregon 65 10 114

Win/win or No?

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Kayoh we usually agree, but on this point we disagree! Yeldon is an elite 2nd level runner with vision, power and power. He is a big back compared to our pocket rockets we have. He looked like the best back in backfields with Eddie Lacy and Trent Richardson!

He's a supplementary back. He's not a feature back. In 2012 Lacy was still better than him. In 2013 Kenyan Drake and Derrick Henry looked better than him. 2014 Derrick Henry had fewer carries and more yards. Yeldon isn't a three down back, he's a supplementary, change of pace kind of guy. We have enough of those.

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I think more RB's will get drafted higher this year, mosrly because its a better class. I'd draft Cobb over him if I had to pick a RB in the same area.

That's not really how a draft works. There aren't really any "stars" in this HB class, everybody has flaws. You've got Gordon coming out of that Wisconsin scheme that's historically terrible at translating HB success to the NFL, Gurley coming off a major injury, Coleman doesn't have good vision and lacks burst. I'd rather have a Jeremy Hill, Eddie Lacy or Carlos Hyde than pretty much anybody in this class save for maybe Gordon. This class IS very deep though, which means teams can afford to wait to take a HB because there are HBs available in the 4th-5th round (Malcolm Brown, Josh Robinson, etc) who could be just as good as the first round guys in the right system. I think that'll cause the top guys to drop. No 1st round HBs again this year.

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1. Yeldon is 6'2" (will probably measure shorter) 221 llbs... How is that similar to what we have?

2. Yeldon will run faster 40 times than any offensive players on our roster not named Antone Smith or Julio.

3. When was the last time a 2 for 3 1000 YD rusher, who averaged 12 TD's a year and 5.8 YPC over three years in the SEC was a bust?

The list of Big 10 1000 YD busts is too long for the interwebs, so you can keep Cobb and Coleman away from my Falcons!

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I like Yeldon, but he has some drawbacks:

1. He is tall. I like my RB's a little closer to the ground. It makes for a smaller target to tackle.

2. He fumbles too often. His running style shows the ball too much. I like RB's that give you a helmet, shoulder pads and knees to look at.....nothing more.

3. Yeldon showed power in college, but his long frame sets him up for taking hits, rather than delivering them. Tall RB's must be exceptional physical freaks (AP and Marcus Allen), in order to pack a punch.

Don't get me wrong, I like Yeldon, but not in the third round. And, I certainly would not trade up for him.

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