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If We Lose Dwight


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I'm impressed he lasted the season. If he leaves or we don't resign him, I like what Ishamel and South showed when they were out there, they can hold it down out there as a platoon. Also could look towards the draft, Landon Collins at 8 is a possibility.

At 8??? He'll no you'd be a worse GM than dimitroff for reaching Collins as of right now is a 2nd round pick

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Dwight needs to be in Atlanta. He's earned another contract and with how flexible he was last year, how could we not want to resign him?

He turned into a joker safety. Could come down to the line and blitz? Drop into zone or take a guy man to man. And he played well doing it all.

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One could argue Dwight Lowery was the Atlanta Falcons' second-best free-agent acquisition last season behind Pro Bowl return man Devin Hester.

The veteran Lowery played consistent football at free safety despite being a part of the league's worst-ranked defense. He signed a one-year deal with the Falcons and earned $760,000 while starting 15 of 16 games.

Now Lowery is set to become one of the Falcons' 19 unrestricted free agents. As the organization transitions to a new head coach and staff, Lowery hopes to stay put.

"First of all, I can't express enough how appreciative I am of the opportunity the Falcons' organization gave me to play football again,'' Lowery said. "Not just that, but they actually believed in my skill set and believed and stuck with me, given my [concussion] history and given what happened at the `Friday Night Lights' deal. I'm just grateful for that organization. When it's all said and done, I'll really look back at my time with the Falcons with nothing but positives and appreciation.

"I don't really know what the future holds. The only thing I can really do is what I was doing before I got picked up by the Falcons and what I was doing while I was with the Falcons and that's making sure that I'm doing everything that I possibly can to become the best player and the best person that I can be. That's what I can control. Everything else from there will fall into place. You just have to be patient with the process and be open to the process. ... You just have to be appreciative, look forward and hope for the best.''

At least Lowery doesn't have to worry about recovering from a major injury. He banged up his right knee against Carolina in the season finale. It ended up being a sprained medial collateral ligament (MCL) which will not require surgery.

"I'll be fine,'' Lowery said. "I just have a little bit of rehab that I need to do but it's nothing major. It's nothing crazy. If it was going to happen, that wasn't a bad time for it to happen so I can take my time and not have to rush. I heard guys can get their MCL and ACL as well. Thankfully, I have good tendons in place, I guess, to help prevent that from happening.''

The status of Lowery and others will, of course, become a little clearer once the Falcons hire a new coach. They have interviews scheduled with former Bills coach Doug Marrone and former Jets coach Rex Ryan on Monday morning and with Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin on the docket as well. The Falcons already interviewed Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase and Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

Lowery actually played for Ryan in New York before the Jets traded him to Jacksonville, citing a surplus of defensive backs.

"If it's meant to be for me to be with Atlanta again, then so be it,'' Lowery said. "If not, then obviously it will be something else.''

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If we take Collins then I'm rioting. Maybe if we were picking at 15 and the top pass rushers were off the table.

If we moved down in the draft, picked up 2 1st rounders...still I'd want 2 pass rushers lol. 3rd round safety in Southward is perfectly fine with me, since he's already playing pretty well given a hugely limited amount of snaps. Lowery can and should stay, if only to groom Southie some more in his development stages. Something tells me I've been right about Southie all along and he will be the next Ed Reed. Bank on it!

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I don't know why you guys are talking about anything but the PSL prices. This move, and raising ticket prices by double, will result in the killing of the franchise. My family has had season tickets for every year since the 2nd year and we can afford the PSL's and new ticket, but out of principle would never purchase one. The urban fan base, who makes up more than half of the fans at games, will never be able to afford that. The only people that will be at our games will be wealthy business douches. Our future generations won't grow up going to games and we will become a fan base that lacks passion, buy-in, and love for this team.

Who cares who the new coach is when our owner cares about one thing and one thing only, money. He isn't a football guy, he is a business owner. What does it matter who blocks for who when no one who really gives a **** about the team will be there in the stands?

Arthur Blank is an unappreciative, unrealistic, and POS of an owner for doing this to the fan base, ESPECIALLY after the two crap seasons they've given us leading up to this. Be on the lookout for a billboard telling Arthur to take his PSL's and shove them up his ***.

I'm pissed and I don't get how you guys aren't. Goodnight.

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