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What I Want For My Birthday...

Guest Gritz

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...today is what I believe the Falcons brain trust is actually doing.

It looks like they are taking their time to get this HC hire right. They are going to see all of the people they believe are qualified to take this team to the level it needs to attain to get that elusive Lombardi trophy.

Whether or not they hire the man I believe is most qualified, Dan Quinn, is somewhat irrelevant at this point. I will support whoever they think the right coach is.

If that coach has a hand in rebuilding, coaching and scheming this franchise into a tough, physical and imposing group of players who other teams have a certain amount of fear playing then that will be the ultimate birthday present for me.

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You deserve it, I think we all do. So I wish for the same

And Happy Birthday buddy!

Thanks facelessman....and I agree with your thought that we all deserve it.

We have different ideas about the paths but we all want that same destination....

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You and Dan Quinn look amazingly alike, Tim.


Coincidence that you want Quinn? I THINK NOT!!! laugh.png

Happy birthday to you, and Elvis too!

There is some similarity but I wouldn't care if he looked like Saddam Hussein if he got this team back on track.

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Nah bro, what you really want is for Dan Quinn to show up naked on your doorstep with a big red and black bow tied around his waist ....laugh.png

If I have that nightmare tonight you and I are done.....cool.png

What is the world coming to when you have to create your own birthday thread. Happy Birthday my good man

Thank you Jay...

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