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What To Do With Spoon?


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Guest Negatorris

He'll be back for one year, and I think he'll definitely prosper if we sign Rex. The year we had the best defense under Smith (2011) is when Spoon was showing Pro Bowl promise. We all know Smith couldn't develop players with a dayum, but Rex definitely can. And if he shows that he can't stay healthy then it's bye bye.

But I think Spoon next to Willis (if he's cut) could be awesome.

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Depends on coach..may be a one year prove it deal..then again the new HC may not see him as good fit.

Tbh spoon healthy is best in a Tampa style defense as a WLB...

I dont disagree but he can easily play ilb in a 3-4. He has the rare combo of size and speed - kinda like brooking of old but obviously he's had injury issues. If he'd been drafted by the steelers he'd just be another one of their production line great lbs. no way a component DC doesn't want to try our best lb before cutting him
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Guest facelessman07

I think they sign him to a 1 year deal. One of the best run stuffing linebackers in the league. I think they need to resign him and Kroy if nothing else for depth.

Don't even re-sign Kroy for depth

Use the draft, UDFA, FA, or pick up someone on the side of the road to replace Kroy

Do NOT re-sign him. Let him get man-handled by his wife from now on

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