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John Clayton On Espn 970 Pittsburgh

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I was just listening to ESPN 970 in Pittsburgh. David Todd usually brings John Clayton once a week to talk about current things going on in the NFL and Steeler affairs whatever...

But this week he was talking about head coach vacancies and potential hirings. Doug Marrone and Rex Ryan. Clayton said that Rex Ryan seems like the perfect fit and from whatever he's been hearing they are seriously considering hiring Rex and it seems he's heard Marc Trestman's name come up as a possible Offensive coordinator for the Falcons.

Your thoughts?????

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(I posted this about 30 minutes ago in another topic as I could not start my own)I can't start a topic as I'm still new but I thought I would add it to this topic. I live in Chicago and I was just listening to ESPN radio would waddle and Sylvie and Clayton was on for about 15 minutes do you Q&A and one of the questions was in regards to Rex Ryan and where he's going to land. The question really was more about if the Bears or Rex Ryan had interest in each other. Clayton responded with only information about Atlanta and stating that Rex Ryan is a perfect fit for Atlanta and that he believes that Rex Ryan will be the next head coach and that trestmen (sp) the X head coach of the Chicago Bears will be the offense of Cord. Clayton feels those two would work well together he also stated that Rex Ryan and this is just what Clayton was saying was that Rex Ryan probably told Arthur Blank that hire Trestmen (so) let him run the offense and let me worry about the overall team especially the defense. They continued to speak about how one wants to do the running game the other one wants to pass falked the pros and cons but this is what Clayton's gut feeling is and that this is what's going to happen with Atlanta with these two coaches.

Take it for what it's worth I just found it very interesting that I just heard all of this. I wouldn't mind it. I feel this would put Atlanta in the right direction. sorry for any miss spelled words grammar etc. as I'm typing this from my phone

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Guest Homer the Brave

What's so special about trestman

He is known for developing quarterbacks. Many average QBs have had career seasons under him. Jake Plummer had his best run when under his guidance. Scott Mitchell had his short burning flame under him. Rich Gannon won the MVP the year Oakland went to the Super Bowl. I would love to see what he could do with Matty.

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