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"Let's not pay [insert obvious future HOFer in his prime] like he's the best [insert position], and possibly best player in the league. We can sign 4 other guys, who are good players that most out-of-market NFL fans won't have heard of in 5 years, for half the cost and still have money for a few other mediocre to above average guys. That's how you add talent and depth."

NEWS FLASH: We're gonna be investing in the interior DL again this year. Both Corey Peters & Cliff Matthews are FAs.

As others have pointed out, the salary cap is going to continue to rise in the coming years, and fast at that. I don't think we gave Soliai and Tyson all that much considering that another increase of $10M in each of the next 2 years would put the cap close to $165M. $10M is probably on the low end considering that was the increase this past year and reportedly the new CBA and TV contract hasn't really been reflected yet. Unfortunately, that also means that some cap strapped teams aren't in as much danger as they appear to be now, and might be able to hold on to some of our favorite potential cap casualties. *cough*cough*Charles Johnson*cough*

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