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Possible Reasons For Hold Up Announcing New Hc Hire.

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1)Blank on hold phoning in order for 3XL V neck sweater vests in red(home) and black(away) with falcons logo.

2)They fell asleep in barker loungers in Arthurs den.

3)They are reminiscing about when football was invented.

4)They lost track of time doing impersonations of Dimitroff singing "Isn't it Great" from Charlottes Web.

5)Too busy building a fort out of sheets between the wall and the back of the sofa and not letting Thomas in.

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Do you need willpower to not put the weight back on?

It's been less than a year so i'd say don't jump the gun on that one.

Though to be fair it should be incredibly easy to keep the weight off with all the trainers and workout equipment and opportunities he has.

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