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Love the debates on head coaches. Enjoy seeing everyone's opinion. I was thinking today that we can all debate head coaches, GMs, players, even the dang cheerleaders on the Falcons, but at the end of the day in the NFL it all comes down to ownership and the choices they make.

Ever notice how certain teams are always picking in the top ten on draft day? Jaguars, Bills, Browns, Jets. Whereas, at the end of the first round on day one of the draft, we usually see the usual suspects Green Bay, Baltimore, New England, Denver.

Why is that? No matter who the coach? No matter who the GM? No matter who the players.

I think in the NFL, ownership and the way a owner chooses to run his franchise, is never more apparent than where that team drafts year in and year out.

If the results never change then maybe the system itself needs to be evaluated. What may have worked for building a billion dollar Home Improvement business may not work in the NFL. I don't know but maybe Arthur should look in the mirror before he hires the next coach and ask if his system is setting his next coach/GM up for success or failure before we go thru this again 4 years from now.

I have no doubt Blank wants to bring Atlanta a championship and saw the pain in his face during the press conference. But like I said all week, before we hire whoever we are going to hire. I think we should sit back and evaluate the whole system and learn from our mistakes or we are doomed to repeat them.

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