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Blocking Tes This Offseason


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Hello guys I was just thinking about the schemes our coordinators ran this year.
I think both coordinators should go, i dont want to cover nolan right now but

i want to talk about koetter. I was pissed watching the panthers game and

their front consistently being arms reach of Matt before he could even finish his

drop steps and most of the time there was no where to set his feet.

I was so mad cus we just kept trying to throw and matt kept getting sacked

and hit and intercepted there needed to be adjustments and not running into

the wall endlessly

i thought koetter should have run heavy bootlegs since matt wasnt allowed

a pocket anyways we used to run those with mularkey I believe but now

we hardly use them and matt was very good at them

i never really liked how koetter schemed up the verticals toilolo should be

exclusive redzone and i dont like that we always depend on the running

backs to chip and block ferocious DEs why not seal the blind sides

with some legit blocking tight ends in a 2 TE set with no rb and 3 wr

also i think hester was under used i know he drops it but matt always

overthrows harry anyways cus hes small n i heard complaints about harry

running verticals and i think hesters speed could get him separation

in summary i think koetter should go for failing to adjust, we could be playing

this week vs the seahawks and everybody knows our receivers would bbq

that secondary i know some of u want to change back to power run

but i like the verticals just think they should have been adjusted and schemed

up better r there any good blocking TEs in the Free agency n no jimmy

graham he cant block a lick even when we had gonzales he didnt like to block

also we have neglected the FB dimarco cost us that p[anthers game for

blowing the momentum when he dropped that TD and he gets stuffed on

short yardage exclusive special teams its a joke to see him line up at FB

we need a legit FB to get those short 3rd and 2s with the running back along

with the blocking TEs also i condone adrian peterson but vikings will keep him

i bet sorry for spazzing

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Lolo was a great blocking TE for us this year, better than most of our actual offensive linemen at it truthfully. I see Lolo being a good #2 option that can block a lot, catch a few passes when needed, but not relied on to be the #1 guy.

We need someone that can do it all, maybe Lolo advances more into that role, maybe not. We definitely need some competition. I like Rob Housler and Charles Clay as FA options, both can do some good thing in the running and passing game, Rob geared more towards a vertical threat TE than a blocking one though. I like Jeff Heuerman as a possible draft target.

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u r right toilolo was put out there when our o line was depleted during the vikings game

I would like some tight ends that primarily enjoy blocking with some nastiness i never liked

the tony gonzales or jimmy graham mentality that only want to catch i would advocate a

pass catching tight end but i think its best to focus on our WRs instead

we need blocking to give time for the receivers to make plays a lot of

teams spam the same receiver all game nowadays and i feel we are not getting

enough out of ours and their numbers are inflated because we been playing

from behind so many games and went into pass mode

i always believed matt ryan doesnt need a great line because he releases

the ball quickly but some beefy protection is always good in an emergency

and also provides some mental comfort I think when ovie mughelli came here

he said he was matt ryans bodyguard hah i always thought that sounded cool

but these pieces will also help convert first downs in short yard situations

which we have failed at for too long now i remember a time where

we used to run it with the FB on short yardage for easy first downs

it was like a chip shot n now we rather throw and test our luck

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