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Why The Falcons D Wasn't As Bad As It Seemed This Year And Why There's Hope For Next Year.

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bolded the only point I'm going to contest, and really not contesting it, just throwing a curve on it. How about it they'd HELD a few teams to more three and outs, or just gotten off the field on 3rd down more often instead of giving up so many third and longs?

You know, I understand that works both ways, just pointing out the offense really has let the D down a lot this year.

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I really hope they bring back the nastiness the Offense had. Where were those guys that chased people down and forced fumbles after a turnover?

It was like if Matt made a mistake and tossed a pick they just gave up and said the **** with it and it was a 6pts. Pissed me off so much to see the offense not try very hard after seeing them do it before and knowing they're capable of it.

Exactly. now if we throw a pick it is often a pick 6! Guess the offense doesn't realized they can tackle a guy after a turnover!

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Yeah, I know, 32nd this, 27th that OMFG, you're an ...... Just hear me out.

Going to talk about Scoring D and how the offense and big plays skewed the numbers.

Falcons gave up 417 points.

However, lets look closer:

4 pick 6s, sigh...28 points

5 times opponents STARTED in the red zone..21 point

5 times, Falcon O left time on the clock end of half/game-35 points

That's 84 points as a direct result of the offense not doing it's job, if you judge the D on the points they allowed, they would have been top ten.

Then there's the indirect result of too many 3 and outs wearing out a D.

That's before the multiple breakdowns on D- lots of big plays like the 59 yard pass on 3rd and 25, the long pass in the CIN that Alford failed to knock down and on and on...

If the Oline had stayed healthy and the offense performed better, this D would have looked much better. If they'd played more fundamentally sound D, they look much better.

Yes, I know that's an oversimplification of the situation, but the offense's woes really hurt the D too.

Don't want to return to the 2010 offense designed for 10-12 play drives to keep our D off the field, but a better Oline and run game will make everything work better next year.

Then, put the players on the D in a simpler scheme that puts round pegs in round holes and assuming they get a couple of pass rushers and get some development from the youngsters, the D could look transformed next year. But, it wasn't as bad as it seemed this year.

Ah.....we sucked anyway you cut it

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