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I'm dying to know you guys opinion on this, because as much as I was extremely against this decision, the idea has started to grow on my to the point where it may be our best possible choice.

It's no secret we are desperate for a pass rusher, and it's a problem that we can't attempt to fix solely thru free agency. There happen to be two really good prospects that I have my eye on and I will name them in order of talent.

1. Dante Fowler

2. Randy Gregory

3. Shane Ray

I think that one of these prospects will fall to us. But, I think there is a offensive prospect available at our pick that is as special as Amari Cooper, who I think is the safest pick in the draft.

When I'm looking at a RB, I don't care about how he runs because running style rarely translates. You have to have the intelligence to understand blocking schemes along with the instinct and vision to bail or know the hole will be there.

Well, I just watched a post-bowl interview with Melvin Gordon, and dude is the most well-spoken RB I've heard in a long time. The workhorse that he is speaks for himself, but I think he will be an awesome professional and a GREAT locker room guy. I think he UNDERSTANDS how to play the position. He also elite speed and athleticism and will show that at the combine. He's in that Barry/Faulk/Tomlinson tier of backs coming out of college.

My question is, under what circumstances would you be ok with taking this guy? I think as we get closer to the draft his stock will get higher and higher. He will interview well and put on a great performance at the combine. I think he could potentially be considered as early as #3 to the Jags post-combine.

Another question is, if we had Rex and we took him at #8, how would you feel? I would be pretty **** ok with it honestly.

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I think Gordon it the best Rb prospect in this draft as well but there is no way we can afford to take an skill player in the first. I understand your reasoning though as I am struggling with whether or not I'd take duke Johnson in the second.

But it think smartest thing would be to fight the impulse and take pass rusher and offensive line with our first two picks. There still will be some running backs with higher potential than Freeman after the second round

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Well under these circumstances.

Any combination of Hughes, Worilds, Houston, Suh

Along with one of these David Harris or Brandon Spikes

Mike Iupati signing is a must

Resigning Spoon, Lowery

And we don't think that Gurley will fall to at least the bottom of the 1st.

If we could find a way to trade down at get Gurley I would be cool. But the combine will be key to how early he's drafted. I don't think he'll be 100% then but a lot of teams will hold private workouts to see what condition he's in. I don't think he'll fall far in the draft either but he could be there if we traded down to the early teens.

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