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Article : No Rest For The Weary

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The Atlanta Falcons are in the midst of a major transition. They're searching for a head coach, looking at free agent contracts, and just generally trying to forget the past two years happened. That said, the work never ends at Flowery Branch. Both Dimitroff and Assistant GM Scott Pioli were at the Peach Bowl on Wednesday. They were on the sideline, specifically to scout players.

The Falcons have a history with TCU, having drafted infamous manchild Stansly Maponga in the 5th round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

As for this year, TCU has one player that'd look **** fine in a Falcons uniform: Paul Dawson. He's a linebacker, a real life linebacker. Dawson is a bit small but he thrives in coverage. If that's not valuable to the Falcons, then I don't know what is. Here's some video of Dawson, if you're interested. His stock is on-the-rise and he's expected to go in the 2nd round.

Meanwhile, Ole Miss has a couple of draftable guys Dimitroff and Pioli were likely scouting. The first is Senquez Golson, a slot corner that racked up 9 picks this season. Golson is a 2nd or 3rd round pick who'd be a 1st rounder if he were 3 inches taller. Here's some video of him helping Ole Miss beat Alabama this season. Cody Prewitt is the other Ole Miss player worth keeping an eye on. He's a free safety known for his occasional struggles in the box. Prewitt, like Golson, is projected as a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Here's some video of him laying out a Boise State receiver.

Your thoughts?


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We need a linebacker very badly, but I think we need a veteran. Lack of experience of our linebackers in the last two seasons has been a huge issue. If Spoon didn't miss the last 2 seasons we would have been a lot better. Worrilow just couldn't do it by himself. At least one veteran leading a young guy or two is completely different than guys with no experience trying to do it all.

I'm curious about reserve/futures contracts. I haven't seen where any of our guys have been signed yet. I think TD waited awhile last season too, but he used to sign them right away. Doesn't that mean somebody can sign our practice squad guys right now if they want to? How does that work? I think most teams sign them right away.

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Dawson is just ok to me. He watches the play a little more than I would like when it's right in front. Takes some bad angles on the runner to the tackle. His pursuit is good and does have some pop. I like Leonard Floyd but he's just a sophomore.

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Keep TD away from Golson, he's good, but we have had way too many undersized corners on this team.

Rex Bowles and Quinn like the bigger corners. We have one kinda big corner in Tru. 6'0. But for the slot it needs to be a smaller corner to be able to turn with the receiver. Most big guys aren't as fluent in the hips and slit wr's have wiggle.
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I watched one video of Dawson and wasn't impressed. Not really a get after them type player. He's was playing 10 yards off a lot. But it would be nice to have a great cover LB.

Obviously a scheme'd thing. How do you fault him for his coaches maximizing his coverage ability?

What game did you watch. You can't judge a player off of one game. If that's the case, you would think Deangelo Hall is the best CB ever if I just showed you the 4 INT game he had.

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