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John Clayton: Atlanta Or Bust For Bowles


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John Clayton? Please give me a break. ESPN is horrible. Sick of media trying to push their agenda. Falcons need to win a SuperBowl I am getting old and want to see then hoist a trophy before I kick it. Trust me as a long time Falcons fan I would not lead you a stray. Mark Dantonio will bring Falcons a SB. He will give this franchise a identity. He will build us into the next Steelers. I view things like this, if these assistants and retread coaches were that great they wouldn't be available. We need to go after someone who play the type of football we want to play. Someone who is not looking for a job. Someone who is a proven commodity. Watch any Michigan State game. It is like watching the NCAA version of the Ravens. They absolutely drill people. They hit hard and play with intensity. To heck with John Clayton. AND I think TD and Pioli would be on the same page with Dantonio and get his the players he needs. He runs a simple pro-style offense and runs right at you. Physical football. Steeler/Raven/49er type football. Come on Falcons he is RIGHT there! I have lead you to the water now drink!!!!!

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Because even auto-correct knows no one on this board is renouncing their fanhood...laugh.png

Yeah, there is a certain type of insanity that goes into being a Falcons fan that not a whole lot of people would ever understand. If I was going to renounce my fanhood, I would not have been posting here since 2001. I'm stuck with these jerkoffs for the rest of my life.

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What? ARI didn't have a great defense before Bowles got there. He took them from 17th to 7th and then to 5th. WTF you talkin bout Willis?

yeah one of the interviews I heard from Dave Archer talked about Quinn is running a D already in place, with the help of THE guy who designed it and picked the players for it (Carroll) but Bowles built the AZ defense and runs it completely himself. Besides the fact that he's had several key guys get hurt, but found the right pieces to 'plug in' and make the necessary adjustments to keep it one of the top defenses in the league.

This is my first choice, above and beyond anyone else, other than maybe the Pagano brother who DC's at San Diego.

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I don't know about bowles Arizona had a great defense before he became the DC and although they talk about "overcoming" injuries that defense finished 24th.

Normally this is my take on things but Bowles has put two high quality years on tape...the second of which is ULTRA impressive given how terrible the offense was and how banged up the defense was at all three levels. Todd Bowles did the best coaching job in the NFL this year. And I don't think it's close.

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As of Friday, there are six vacant head coaching jobs in the National Football League.

Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles figures to be a candidate for all of them.

In his second season under head coach Bruce Arians, Bowles overcame a litany of injuries and suspensions to key players to design an effective defensive scheme for the Cardinals, who finished 11-5 and will play their first playoff game since the 2009 season Saturday against the Carolina Panthers.

Of the six openings, ESPN NFL insider John Clayton believes the one in Atlanta, which became available when the Falcons fired Mike Smith after six seasons, makes the most sense.

"That would be the job, I think, that would appeal to him the most," Clayton said on the Doug and Wolf Show Friday on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.

"I can't see him going to Oakland. In New York (Jets), I think it's more than likely going to be Doug Marrone going there, so I think that door is going to be closed. Then you look over and see what's going on in Chicago, and I don't know if he'd be a big advocate of going in there, either having Jay Cutler as his quarterback or trading Jay Cutler and not having a quarterback. I'd say, right now, Atlanta or bust."

In November, the Cardinals signed Bowles to a contract extension through 2017, which according to Clayton, gives the assistant coach the power to be selective.

"The reason he signed that contract and the reason they gave him that contract is to give him the ability to pick and choose," Clayton said. "By merit, he deserves a job. I think that if the job isn't right, he isn't going to take it.

"But Atlanta would be the right job."

Earlier this week, reports indicated that Bowles was one of the candidates the Falcons wanted to talk to as they begin their coaching search.

Bowles, 51, interviewed for two head coaching positions after the 2013 season -- Cleveland and Minnesota -- before removing his name from consideration with the Browns and returning to Arizona.

Bowles' only head coaching experience was a three-game interim stint with the Miami Dolphins in 2011 after head coach Tony Sparano was fired. He guided the team to a 2-1 finish.

John Clayton is a pretty sharp guy, and I respect his opinion most of the time. While he could be right (and only time will tell about that), the decision ultimately belongs to Bowles --- IF, the job is even offered to him.

Personally, I like Quinn, better, if we're going with a coordinator.

But "Sexy Rexy" will be our next HC ---- IF, he'll accept the job...

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